Thursday, March 22

*swarming around from one thing to the next

After a long time away, my mother arrived back her for a stay in her RV that is on our land here in sunny Florida (I still pinch myself from time to time because I have a hard time believing that we live in Florida now). Today was just fantastic for gardening! The temps were just right for hard work in the out of doors, and some how there is always a breeze here. With all of this in mind Momma and I got to work!

We spent the first part of our morning carefully making 4 rows that were 75 foot long in the back garden plot for sweet corn and peanuts. In a week or so, we will plant 4 more rows - hoping for some down time in between each harvest. We may wait two weeks before we plant the next ones actually. It was awesome to be working in the gardens with my sweet mother, really awesome. I am so very grateful to her and my dad for teaching me over the years the 'secrets' of gardening. God used them to prepare me for this time - priceless. We managed to get some wild flower seeds, pepper plants, squash seeds, tomato plants and watermelon seeds in the rich soil today.

I went over to the check on the bee hives, just to monitor their activity and low and behold! I looked up and saw a swarm of bees in the tree over head. We are not sure where these bees came from.. meaning... were they part of our bees that split and swarmed or were they a "new" swarm that ended up on our property.  We are  hoping it is the latter, since we are waiting on a nuc at this time from our local bee master here in the area.   I, took off running to get my bee suit on, Momma is off in the distance a bit and I very enthusiastically yelled out to her, "I am going to need your help, RIGHT NOW! We have got to get this swarm right now!" and I ran quite a ways up to the house to get suited up to capture the sweet bees.  My mother said she was just as confused as she could be.  I yelled out that I needed her help right now and RAN in the opposite direction. She was right there when I got back and we managed to shake the branch into an empty hive box that we happened to have on hand.  EXCITING!

We are hopeful that the bees are still in the box, tomorrow we will check all three hives out and see what is going on with our bees. I will keep ya posted!

 Here is a quick little photo update on a few of our fowl friends. Isn't that turkey adorable? The little pullet is jealous of the bronze breasted turkey's spectacular show!

This is a very likely time to see swarms of bees on branches or other various places. To capture a swarm of bees  you can do as we did and take an empty hive body and carefully bring the  branch down over the hive body give it a good shake which will allow the bees to fall into it.  The bees have taken care to fill up on honey before leaving their last home so they are full and very unlikely to bite or be aggressive at this time. Not to mention.. they don't have a home to defend.  If you don't have an empty hive at the time of finding a swarm you can drop the bees down into a card board box that you have a lid for, or a plastic bucket with a lid and then you make haste to get a hive you can then shake the bees down into the hive.


  1. How exciting to find a swarm of bees! I'm anxious to see how they do.

    I started prepping my garden for planting yesterday. I pulled lots of weeds and promptly gave them to the chickens. They loved them! I have a bit more weeding to do today and then I'll get my rows ready. I've already started the tomatoes, banana peppers and jalapenos. Slow but sure, I'm getting there!

  2. Bless your sweet Mama for helping you! Looks like you've been very busy with your new space. :)

  3. I've never seen a swarm before. We'd like to get started with bees as soon as we can save up for the hives and whatever equipment we need.

  4. Wow Lynnie,
    It's wonderful that your Mama is visiting. You two have been getting so much done together. I am excited to try your Mama's peanut brittle recipe. Thank you! Your garden is shaping up so nice. I hope your swarm stays and I am looking forward to your post about your next nuc. Four hives sounds nice. How much honey do you get to keep vs. keeping with the bees for winter? I really enjoyed reading this post Lynnie. Have a Happy Easter and tell your Mama thanks for the recipe.


  5. The swarm sounds very cool but really scary at the same time. I am fascinated with beekeeping but still on the fence about whether or not I'll be brave enough to try it some day!

  6. How exciting finding a swarm and being able to retrieve it! Did you ever find out if they came from your hive?

  7. I have helped with swarms, its fun in a warped way!


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