Friday, March 16

*solace on the surf

Today was a day for solace, and I found my solace amidst loud shrieking children who were all having a great time running in and out of the waves.  The laughter of small children is something I haven't been around in a while, it was wonderful!  The beach was PACKED.

Many young students had driven to the beach for spring break as well.  It was obvious that I was either not at the family friendly beach or they were not at the Belle Glades (the partying beach in Fernandina Beach where I grew up).

The sounds (words) coming out of their mouths didn't bring the same delight as the innocent little children.  I wasn't offended, as I am not offended by curse words. I didn't really like what I heard, didn't want to be a party to it, but I wasn't offended by it. I know that their actions were sinful, so are some of my actions -some I am aware of, some I am not.  I bet it is the same way with them, some things they recognize as "wrong" or sinful, and somethings they don't yet recognize.  I pray that someone in their life is able to LIVE OUT Jesus to them in a real tangible way.

Para sailing seems to be really popular here on the Emerald Coast.  I think I would like to do this one day, but my DH said, "Have fun!"  I guess I wont be para sailing, because I would only want to do this with him.  I am not sure I want to pay the price they are asking anyway.

Crab Island was not terribly busy today, but just you wait! In a month or so from now this area will be crawling with people, boats, jet ski's, floating amusement toys etc.

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  1. I know what you mean about praying for lost souls and offended. Doesn't mean I like it though.

    Great photos! What a beautiful place to find solace.


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