Wednesday, March 14

*simple beauty

Today while driving along the Santa Rosa Sound, I drove in and out of a dense fog. The fog along the sound was absolutely beautiful! I couldn't help myself, I had to pull over in Navarre and take a few pictures! The next time I am along this area I am going to take pictures from the same areas so you can see just how intense the fog was! I don't think I have ever experienced fog so thick at 2pm in the afternoon! Enjoy!

Oh, it is supposed to be 85 degrees EVERY day this week. Eat your heart out!


  1. Your pictures remind me of the Outer Banks! My families 2nd favorite vacation spots. Very beautiful!

    1. Oh the Outer Banks is one of our favorite places to visit as well! There is a vineyard there, Sanctuary Vineyards that makes a very tasty blackberry wine. We had one of our families "last" family vacations as just us and the boys. Have a great week Clint!

  2. Thanks! It was, that is exactly how I felt when I was driving through it! MYSTERIOUS!


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