Tuesday, March 27

*home sweet home

This post is for my sister, Lori, she simply is in love with the life of a honey bee and asked me to share more knowledge that I have gained through working with our bees. So, here ya go Lori!

Honey bees are amazing creatures and keep me quite fascinated. The swarm that we captured this past week were as mild and laid back as you can ever ask a bee to be.  As I may have mentioned before and if you are aware of bee life you may know this, but a swarm of bees load up on honey just before they leave the hive behind. This makes them docile, they bellies are full. Bees normally swarm early spring due to an over crowded hive. I did not have one bee that I am aware of, land on me -anywhere. The story is not the same for the day that my dh and I split our main hive a few weeks ago. My bee suit was covered with bees, in fact, from a distance I am sure it looked like I had a polka dotted suit on. I have not been stung this season and only stung twice last year. I am feeling more and more comfortable about working with this amazing creatures.

The swarm that I shook down into our empty hive body have put out the "Home Sweet Home" sign. They seem very happy and content in their new accommodations. We of course, could not be more please and grateful to the Lord for this sweet blessing. Our local bee master has a nuc of bees that we will be getting from him within the next week or two.

Did you know that honey is bee vomit? Yes, that is right, they ingest and vomit many times until the end product is honey.  Yummy, that is all I have to say!  Local honey (local to you) can be allergy medication to those of you who suffer with allergies from pollens during the bloom seasons.  


  1. Wonderful post. Bees are such important little beings.

  2. I watched Fried Green Tomatoes last night in honor of your amazing bee keeping skills as it reminded me of Idgie Threadgoode... with your "beecharmer" ways~ Love you girl....or as we used to say...I will love her for'eva! All with a sticky sweet Alabama accent :)

  3. I loved the post as usual...I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award...visit my blog and pick up your copy of the award and pass it on to five others. I so enjoy reading your blog.


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