Thursday, April 26

*mail call

This morning started as most of my weekday mornings start, I was awakened by the tone that was belting out from my phone. I had in mind that after I was finished feeding all the farm animals that I would lay back down since I haven't rested well the last few nights. That plan was shortly shot down when I received a phone call from the post office informing me that our turkey poults had arrived.

You see, we ordered turkeys that would be delivered the first week of May, but the hatchery called me a few days ago asking if we were ready for the little critters. I told her only if she could add in a crested polish (since I honestly do not think Spaz is going to :( recover.) She said she would try to get one in the package and that is all I heard from her. So this morning when my phone rang and it displayed ---- Post Office, I knew that my plans were not going to hold. No I did not get to lay back down, but instead I was off getting baby turkeys. After arriving back home I had to set up their brooder... tis the life I live. And how very blessed I am to live it!

I fear to tell you the number of "birds" (turkeys and chickens) we have here on our farm now, lest you might pass out! OK, so brace yourself: 57 in all. We just invested in 15 poults in order that we might raise them to healthy, lean, meat options for those in our community who are interested. We have 3 committed to customers already and are looking for a few more who would like a range free, hormone free, antibiotic free turkey for their Thanksgiving or Christmas table or for just daily eating needs.  We will soon cull our chicken flock as well in order to get some chickens in the freezer.  We will be increasing our egg customers in the summer once our younger chicks reach maturity, currently we sell  4 dozen a week at $4 per dozen, hopefully adding at least 3 more customers. 

The turkeys we chose are the heritage breeds and it is our desire to keep a pair in order that we will be able to continue to hatch out our own turkeys in the future.  May your day be full of peeps, cause mine sure is! Peeep, peeep, pep!


  1. So cute. If I was there I would buy from you.

  2. It never occurred to me that you could mail chickens or turkeys.....grin. So cute!


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