Friday, April 20

*random photo's from my phone

 Interesting plunger handle that we saw at a recent doctor's office visit while using the restroom.

 Oh, my babies. Athena's third litter, she birthed 9 and is raising 9 - successful litter!

 Many "nucs" at our local Bee Master's shop.   This is the day I picked up our 4th hive.

 The big girls love to peck at the sunflower leaves each evening when we bring them snacks from the garden.

 Lucy insist on laying her egg in the barn, in odd places every day... so we let  her (lol).

 Its  me! It is the rare occasion that I like photo's of myself.

 The hedge around our pool area is in full bloom and to me, smells heavenly!

Lunch with my dear husband, the company and food were both excellent! Have a great weekend!


  1. I really like the pict. of you. I think your archway to your pool is beautiful!! Looks very inviting.

  2. Thanks Trina! Did you get my text message... Your little package in the mail the other day was one of the sweetest things I have every received. Truly.

  3. Great random photos! Silly Lucy! Nice photo of you too!

    Is that Confederate Jasmine on your entryway? I know it smells divine!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I loved seeing these! And the hedge by your pool area looks gorgeous.


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