Tuesday, April 24

*those who rest under a quilt...

Enveloping one in love in the quilt kind of way, that is what I get to do to children I will likely never meet or spend time with. A dear friend of mine and her husband have been called of God to increase the number of children in their family by way of adoption.  They are in the process of adoption number 3, bringing home a their third Chinese treasure.

I had the privilege of making quilts for her other Chinese treasures as well. When she wrote me a short while ago to see if I was up for creating a special quilt for their daughter who will be coming home to her forever family soon, I accepted!  While I don't have as much time to give to a timed project right now, I did agree to appliqueing on an already finished quilt.

A month or so ago, I received the finished quilt that "H" found in a department store along with the drawings of the little panda and little girl from her other little girls quilt. I wanted to match the size for this quilt as well  and since I no longer have the patterns, I asked "H" to trace and send them along.

I was able to get myself to the sewing room and able to put my focused energy on this special project and  I am pleased with the finished product. Thanks "H" for letting me "sew" into your little one's lives!

You can see the other two quilts by visiting HERE.


  1. You made this wonderful quilt into a 'treasure' as well. Soooooo Sweet!

  2. How sweet! It turned out great!

    Such a talent you have and so willing to share it with others.


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