Friday, April 13

*spaz and wry neck

Our sweet little polish chick is doing about the same. Wry neck is a condition that I do not wish any chicken to have to go through. One day out of no where it comes upon them and literally turns their world upside down. It is very frustrating and confusing to the little chick. It is almost as if her neck went limp like a cooked noodle.

There is hope. Many chickens whose owners recognize this contortion as a chicken sickness can treat their little chicks with baby vitamins (poly-vi-sol) in liquid form. Spaz gets vitamins three times a day right now. She/he is eating and drinking nicely which will help her/him maintain strength. Hopefully wry neck will soon be something of the past!


  1. Good luck with your little one. I've dealt with wry neck in Silkies. It's a hard road but well worth it when they make it back to normal.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I am being dutiful in her/his care, hopefully soon she will be back to normal.

  2. Poor little thing! Hoping for the best for little Spaz.

  3. Praying Spaz gets back to her old self soon :0

  4. Aww. Poor thing. I hope she heals soon.

  5. Lynnie, I'm so sorry to learn about your sick chickie. Poor thing. Glad that it has a good nurse. :)


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