Monday, December 31

*a new beginning

Yes, this is the last day of a passed year, and tomorrow starts a bright new beginning, but that is not what this post is all about!  There are a number of young people who will be starting a new journey, a new beginning of sorts come this fall.  Graduation with both mark an end and a beginning in these young people's lives.  It is an exciting, frightening time for these young folks.    I have a son, a nephew, an "adopted" daughter, an "adopted" son, and a handful of other young people (who are friends to our family) who will be graduating this summer.  

My most favorite gift to give to graduates is a comforting quilt to carry along with them where ever it is they should go.  I am sure these students might at first be more content and happy to have been given the hundreds of dollars that goes into make a quilt, but in the long run I hope they will end up treasuring the quilt for years to come.  For those loved ones mentioned above, who have never received a quilt from me, will be getting just that, a hand crafted quilt just for them!

 A new beginning...

The young lady this is being made for doesn't normally read my blog, hopefully that is the case today as well.   I love this quilt pattern, by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.  I have always loved opposite attracts type quilts but never completed on thus far.  

This is the individual blocks laid out but not yet sewn together. I think I am going to go with this layout, which is one of many different ways to create a quilt with this one block.  Think log cabin.  For me, making a quilt from high quality quilting cottons that will last for many years when taken care of properly is the highest gift I give, it may not be on the top of the recipients' list, but it is on top of my gift giving list!

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