Sunday, December 30

*trying to seal his fate

 It takes everything I have each day not to just eat these little cuties up! They are so flipping adorable! These pics were taken on their third day of life in the barn (and on planet Earth).

This is our little buck, Stew or Kabob, seriously though, if we do not find a buyer for our little buck, he will be meat for the freezer. Nubians are considered a dual breed (milk/meat) because of their body structure.  I am already totally attached, so I am not sure how making stew or shish kabobs would go. 

I think he must know what is potentially in store for regarding his fate, just look at that precious face. He is doing his best to win me over. Done. Won over.  Oh my!

 Just one last look, "Momma Lynnie", aren't I cute?

We are so proud of our sweet little Nubian kids! They are just perfect. Bodie is continuing to be a very good mother to her twins.   They are feeding 24/7 on demand, they kids will continue to stay in the stall with her until she shows signs of trying to wean them which might be sometime in 6 to 7 weeks based on all I have read.  They have started to eat some hay from the pail alongside their mother on occasion.  They are certainly growing by leaps and bounds. 

I started our milking schedule just a few days ago.  We are enjoying the delicious milk and boy, talk about timing. I would say that Bodie's conception date, her deliver date are both right on time based on the latest news reports.  We made an order for some enzymes and other supplies that are needed for cheese making, we can hardly wait!


  1. My doe nursed her kids until I sold them at five-ish months. I let them go as long as the mom will let them for happy, healthy babies!

    Your babies are simply darling.

    1. Tayet, that is what we plan to do as well, leave them with momma til she weans them herself. I think natures way is best.

  2. Oh mY!!!! SimPly ADoraBLe!!!~Trina

  3. They are cuties! I think the sweaters increase the cute factor exponentially! :)

  4. They are SO adorable!! Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick


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