Friday, December 14

*happy birthday to me from Magnolia Grill

The Magnolia Grill of Ft. Walton Beach Florida (built in early 1900's)

The charm to the outside of this dated building gets even better as you walk through the front doors.

This past week my sweet husband took me to The Magnolia Grill for my  birthday. The quaint restaurant was all dressed up for the holidays. 

Isn't this mantle just gorgeous!  We sat for lunch at a little table just in front of this fireplace.  I love how they have used the crystal dishes to be the centerpiece of the decor adorning the mantle.

Each little nook and corner was dressed with small taste of things from yesteryear.  It was not too much, the areas were not clutter, but rather tasteful displays done to perfection.

There is an upstairs area that is dedicate to a "museum" of the past. It was fun to look at all that was on display.  Many things from my own childhood years, and other things dated from years before.

This lamp of course caught my eye and reminded me of  The Christmas Story.  That ridiculous lamp!

Merry Christmas!

I don't think this picture looks that appetizing.. but truly both the fries and the shrimp were delish.   Their menu is very versatile and has anything from burgers, to seafood, to Italian dishes to suit your pallet!

More of what is on display upstairs...

Wow. We had one of these in our house when we were growing up.

I loved looking at all the cameras! 

These are the plans for the house that is now known as The Magnolia Grill, this house was ordered through Sears Roebuck, and was delivered in parts.. and built onsite by the owner (back in the early 1900's).  To get all the correct facts about the establishment known as The Magnolia Grill of Ft. Walton Beach, go HERE

This is one of my new favorite places to go for a nice calm atmosphere that serves good food, fair prices and great care by the server. 


  1. The house that is now the restaurant is charming and I would like to dine there too. You made a good choice for a birthday celebration meal there. Isn't that Christmas Story movie lamp a hoot?

  2. Thanks Terra! Yes that lamp is a total hoot!

  3. Oh, Happy Birthday to one of the most precious ladies I know!! You know what really caught my attention? The environment of this place and how Im sure it isnt your everyday environment that your hubby enjoys but he loves you so much and so tenderly that he ministered to you because he takes time to study you. What a great hubby you have. And, the place is adorable!!~Trina

  4. Happy Birthday! That looks like a place my hubby & I would enjoy dining in. We love old houses & memorabilia and good food!

  5. Awesome place to celebrate the gift of you! Kind of reminds of that place we went to in Hendersonville. Loved seeing all the items from our childhoods. Very cool ;)

    1. Yes, it does sort of remind me of that place too! We will have to visit here next time you are here.

  6. As I viewed your pictures of this wonderful eating establishment the first thing I thought of was "calm, relaxing". Belated happy birthday, Lynette.


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