Wednesday, December 5

*my knight

Years ago we lived across the street from a very sweet young family. Some families are DIY families, some aren't. It doesn't make one better or worse than the next. Ang herself use to say, "we are the family who buys the service agreement with each purchase." (this post is all about how awesome my husband is.. just sayin) My dear husband grew up in a home with a father who was and still is, a fixer of most anything! He didn't fall far from the tree!

We stay pretty busy around here, don't get me wrong - we have ample down time as well for leisure too.  It does seem like there is always something that needs to be done with this blessed property whether it be tree maintenance, fence mending or building animal shelter of sorts.

There isn't much that my dear husband can't do and for that I am truly grateful!  He really amazes me more often than not.  If we were to add money back into our budget based on the repairs, work etc he does for our homestead, it would be huge.  This ability to do most things or to research to find out how to do things and have the precision to carry it out really is a gift that has been instilled in him.  Trust me. I have built tried to build a nesting box for our rabbits in the past. I measured. Marked. Cut carefully but somehow I just don't have what it takes to produce a nice looking end product.

Whatever it is that your dearly beloved excels in, praise him for it. It may be that he is the chief handler of your finances for the family or perhaps he is a great help around the inner working of how your household operates, or maybe he is the master gardener, whatever it is make sure you don't take him for granted.  When you are reading folks blogs, looking at their FB or the old fashioned talking to a friends who are sharing about their husbands strong points, don't compare.  I think comparing is a huge NO-NO, this only leaves us with a feeling of coming up short when that is not the case at all.  Unfortunately I did it for years because I wanted my husband to "look" like other husbands and fathers "in the church", this was not productive for either of us. Shame on me. Bottom line is those people you are comparing to aren't who and what you think they are. While they are probably fine people, they too have flaws - some you may not see.  I couldn't be less concerned with what other people think of my husband now because most don't "know" him, so shame on those who judge him.  It isn't that my husband has developed into a different person although as time has passed he has grown and changed, it really is more about me having changed.  Whatever it is your husband lacks, or is bad at there must be a number of redeeming qualities you can put your focus on, so you can see your knight in shinning armor through a different pair of lenses.

 He is not perfect, but he is perfect for me. The Lord has really blessed our marriage and we make a great team!



  1. !!!!!LOVE!!!!! Your such a smart feller :)

  2. Lynnie, I have tears in my eyes from reading this post. What a blessing you are. Now days it seems to be more the "in thing" to be critical of one's husband. So I found it quite refreshing to come here this morning and find you praising yours. It is one of the reasons I love you! :-) Have a wonderful day.

    1. Awe Dianna, thanks! Unfortunately I have not always thought this way, but with some maturity and some loving correction from my Lord and Saviour.. I have changed.

  3. What a sweet post and a great reminder!

    I think if more people did this very thing marriages would be a lot stronger.

    My husband is my help-mate and partner in everything. He's awesome! And, we too, make a great team.

    1. Your right, I think this type of thinking grows stronger relationships with strengthens the marriage!


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