Monday, December 3

*one day soon

One day soon we will have a little kid! Since we do not know the projected week of delivery we are continuing to keep close watch on Bodie.  She is really growing and changing almost daily it seems.

She gets her grain up on the milking stand every morning and then again in the evening in order to help her get into the habit without any problems. It is amazing what you can get a goat to do for grains!  I am so blessed to be able to raise these animals, they are the sweetest.

Before the clip...

After the clip...  Rudy didn't want to get left out of this photo session. 

This week she got her pregnancy trim. I can't say she enjoyed the clipping but she was a good girl about it.   She has some skirting on her front and back legs so it was necessary to get that clipped so it will be easier for her to stay clean during the birthing process.  Her udders and teats are not that hairy and for that I am grateful, because I had read where it is recommended to shave those as well so hair does not fall into your milk bucket when milking.  We should be fine on that front and Bodie couldn't be happier!



  1. It took my brain a second or two to figure out the first photo.....giggle. And how does she feel about having her picture taken....not of her face....and Rudy.

    1. haha. I know Billie. I suppose I could have, should have taken a picture of her from the front end while eating in her milking stand.. haha.

  2. Do you keep the goats for milking? Hope all goes well for Bodie when she gives birth. :-)


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