Saturday, September 11

*good Morning Sunshine

Having grown up on the coast, I am happy to be returning to it in my forties!  The ocean will be just under an hour drive, so much more doable than the drive to the ocean from where we currently live. Thankful for God's handiwork all around us!  It has been a great ride living here in North Carolina.  I have been the partaker for many years of the glorious show of Dogwoods here in the area, that I will miss.  I am convinced that each place on this creation has beauty just around the bend - waiting to be discovered and appreciated! 

Our oldest son lives only ten or so minutes to the beach, so this week while staying with him so we could look at some properties, I  cheerfully awoke just before sunrise each morning and started my day with  the ocean sun rise.  The beaches on the gulf coast  are powdery, not the grainy sand that you will find on the east coast.  This, my friends, can make jogging, walking or even running on the beach next to impossible.  I ended up walking on the sidewalk among many early risers who were getting their exercise in on those mornings as well.  If you park you car and walk two and half miles in the opposite direction, there is no doubt you will get your five miles in on that particular day!   Eric even went out with me on one of  those morning, and while he doesn't usually do the five miles that I try to get in each day, we walked three and a half together.  I was loving every minute of it. 


  1. Growing up in South Carolina, we were about six hours from the ocean and we would spend a couple weeks there every year. I miss it! I, like you, am so happy that God has seen to it that I spend my forties near the ocean (we'll be 1 1/2 to 2 hours from the Gulf!). I LOVE your beautiful sunrise pictures!

  2. I initially thought we would live closer to the beach.. but we could not find a house with land close enough... so we will be about 45 min away..which is still close compared to the distance now. Can't wait til we are both on the coast!


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