Thursday, September 23

*sixteen candles

Today, sixteen years ago, a vibrant little baby girl was born!  She was one of  three embryos that started sharing her mothers uterus.  Only one survived.  What a blessing that Mary was given as a gift and heritage to Franziska (my BFF) and her husband.  I love this picture of Mary (I stole it from her).    God designed, shaped and formed her specifically for the things He has laid out before her.  Specific giftings. Specific attributes. Specifically to be used for His purposes to bring glory to His name. Specific weaknesses so that He can show Himself strong on her behalf.  May it be so that Mary (and all the young people in my life) seek Him diligently, chase after Him fervently, love Him deeply and always, always trust in His ways!

Happy Sweet Sixteen Mary!  May this be the best year yet!
I love you.

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