Thursday, September 30

*suprise harvest

This past weekend we were cleaning out the small garden area since all the plants had finished producing. During the growing season I mulched as much as my kitchen scraps that I could remember to put in the pail. Obviously at some point, Henry must have thrown the discarded vegetables etc right into the garden spot instead of the mulch pile. Shoot, for this one I would even be happy to stand up and say, "I did it". So we gained a sweet potatoe plant from a volunteer along the way! 

While cleaning out the plants, stems and weeds that were left behind I had noticed a sweet potatoe vine growing amidst the old tomatoe plants. I gave no further thought to it really. As I got closer to the area where the vines branched off from the ground, I could see a sweet potatoe! So of course, I went to digging! To my suprise I found, not one, but five sweet potatoes.    Henry and I (not Eric, cause he is not in his right mind - he doesn't like sweet potatoes) had these along with the rest of our dinner on this very night!


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