Wednesday, September 29


Come on...really? Really?

 This is what I walked into this evening while entering Kohls.  Aren't we jumping the gun a bit?


  1. OK, that is some serious BLING on the tree on the right. Sorry, but that is not my idea of a Christmas tree. It's September and it's already 40% off! I'm always shocked to see the Christmas stuff out early here in Germany too, but then they begin the season early here; markets begin our Thanksgiving weekend, St. Nic comes Dec. 6th, Christmas on the 25th, and then Epiphany. I rather like the Advent Season, but it is always a shock to see Christmas in October. I totally get you Lynnie!

  2. I suppose it took me by suprise since it was only September! Don't get me wrong.. I love the Christmas Story, I love listening to "Christmas" music all year long.. but this is a whole different thing.. Oh well.


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