Sunday, September 12

*Voices of the Past update

This quilt may look difficult, but it really is not.  There is a lot of piecing, but I think the pattern is worth the work for the finished product.  I have one other patriotic quilt and it is one of my favorites, and it shows due the wear you can visibly see on it. 

So I kept trying to get a great shot of the quilt top from above but to no avail I failed. I finally put the chair away and simply took some shots at different angles so you could get a better view.  Oh, you noticed my shoes did you? That is a whole separate post in itself, which will come soon. We (all three of us) LOVE our Vibrams!

This pattern is one of Kaye England's Voices of the Past samplers.  I have really enjoyed working on the Besty Ross Sampler. I have a knack for not always following the lay out plan on any given pattern, and this one is no different. I actually decided to use the my scraps to make sashing on each block. I love the way it has turned out.  I do have some work left to do on this quilt, such as borders before I can set it in.  My goal however, was to finish all the piecing before I have to pack up my machine and other sewing items.  If I have the opportunity I may even get the borders on too!  

I actually learned this sashing layout from Wendie who not long ago set one of her quilts using her scraps from piecing. I remember admiring how the left over pieces played even a part and had a creative function in the quilt.  As you look you will see the zig zag pattern that each color creates as it works its way to the edge of the quilt.


  1. I love this quilt Lynnette!! Probably my favorite one I have seen in a long time. Not (yours of course...all yours are lovely!!)


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