Saturday, September 11

..maybe, just maybe

We have been away for a week, and are finally back to our lovely home. A house is not a home until you spend time putting your special touches on it.  Although we went to Florida this past week to look at houses for our upcoming move, it was really nice to get back to our home here in North Carolina.

We did look at houses. And more houses. Remember a while back I posted an entry on my love for barns and a desire to have one on our property?  Well, if all of the inspections go without a glitch, and our financing does as well, we will have the desires of our hearts!

I am trying not to get too attached at this point since we have many hoops to jump through until things are finalized.  Our house is still on the market (we are prepared for this.. so don't be fearful for us), we would much rather it sell quickly, but God's will be done.  Prayers welcome!

Have a great weekend.


  1. i love you and am praying for you sweet friend.

  2. Praying the Lord gives you your hearts desire! Did you see picture of our new place? Sent you a message on FB.
    Love ya


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