Friday, September 17

*on the road again

When we arrived home on that early Friday morning in the wee morning hours from our trip to Florida, we were greeted with crisp sixty degree temps!  Delightful!  In that very moment after having driven twelve hours straight, I did not think I would be traveling again any time soon.  My dear hubby had to arrive at the airport on Monday morning for a business trip that would keep him away for the week.  But Henry and I had no exciting plans for the upcoming week, besides school.   Monday came quicker than any of us wanted!   Over the weekend I spent time going over and writing up Henry's lesson plans for the first week of his sophmore year. 

After dropping my beloved off at the airport, I called to talk to my BFF, Franziska.  We talked a bit and got caught up. I mentioned in our conversation that if it were any other year of my life I would be packing the car and coming to visit for the week.  I have this large 'beast' that keeps me from doing certain things the way I have always know them.  (WHAT WERE WE THINKING?)   Franziska has a small dog of her own, so it does not make visiting with a large dog easy.  She suggested that I pack up the crate, just like we did when we traveled to Florida and get on the road. Not having made my plans known to her - Tuesday morning Henry and  I joyfully packed our clothes, school books, sewing machine, crate, etc and got on the road.    We arrived just after lunch on Tuesday and stayed until Friday morning since I had to be back in town to pick up my beloved from the airport in the afternoon.

We had a great time. We always do.  Mary (Franziska's youngest daughter) and Henry had more one on one time to hang out than most of our visits. I think they had a great time chillin together. It was really great to hear Sarah, Mary and Henry laughing and acting silly the night before we left.  

On Thursday afternoon while Sarah had to run out to work, the rest of us took a drive up to Lake Lure.  We had a couple of shops to hit and then we had lunch at a local restaurant - the burger was DELISH!   Mary had fried pickles which I got to sample - yummy. After lunch we took a walk along Broad River.  Franziska took us to some of the areas where she sometimes comes to sit and think and pray.  The spots were so very peaceful.  I understand completely why she and the girls are taking drives to Lake Lure so often.

Mary and I sitting on one of the many rocks along the river bed.

Henry had spent most of his time adventuring, climbing from rock to rock, testing the waters around the rocks.  Here he lays for just a moment to take in what surrounded him in a more serene way...
Going to the mountains on this trip was like a little gift to me (and Franziska).   I am so very grateful for the time and opportunity to travel up.  Until next time..


  1. Are you a barefoot runner?!? I saw a friend of mine at church last week..her hubby had on those strange feet gloves!! She told me his new thing is barefoot running! My toes are too clausterphobic I think! So glad you seized the opportunity to spend some precious time with precious friends!
    Did you hear our news? Our travel approval came!! We leave for China Oct 14th!!!!

  2. Holly, I am a barefoot runner. My distance is not much at this point, but I actually wear my vibrams to do my 30 miles a week (some running, mostly at this point brisk walking). I have a hard time putting any other shoe on!

    I did see your NeWs! WOOT! Praise Adoni! Rejoicing and celebrating with you and the fam!


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