Saturday, January 29


Healthy butt...

Pasty butt...

It is said that chickens die one of two ways: either they are not healthy from the beginning or they are not properly cared for.   Great, that is a lot of pressure! Early this morning when I went out to greet my little brood I noticed that a couple of my babies had pasty butt. 

Pasty butt is one of the ways baby chicks meet an early death.  Their little butts can get crusted over and seals their vent and they can no longer eliminate. Being the good mother that I am, I softly talked to my chicks and picked up the first unsuspecting baby for a good butt cleaning.  It was not fun- for me or the baby chick I assure you.   FYI: Did you know that chickens have one hole that is used for laying eggs, pooping, urinating, and mating? It is called their "vent". Interesting isn't it? 

I was encouraged today when I read that experience is your best teacher because that is all I have! 

The end.


  1. OK, when I saw your post title I thought "maybe a typo. maybe she meant But..." Then I see cute little chicken butts and read some interesting things about chicken butt "holes" and realize no, no typo, just Lynnie being a good chicken mama! If I ever get my chickens, I'll know where to come!!!

  2. LOL...I have cleaned MANY a pasty're a great Mom :)


  3. Thanks Gail, it was my first! I have a feeling it wont be my last and in some years down the road I will be saying the same thing as you.. I have clean MANY! LOL.

    Come on over Julie!!

  4. Awww, Lynnie. I'm sorry to hear about your new little brood. I'm sure with you being a good Mom/nurse that they'll pull through just fine! Thanks for sharing the information...I learned a lot from your short post! ;)


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