Thursday, January 20

*switched at birth?

Today we worked on clean up in the barn.  Boy, was it a mess. Normally we do not allow Frayja to come to the back part of the property where the barn is located but today since we were working back there she got to join us.

On a fairly regular basis a young girl comes by the front of the house with two horses. I am not sure where she is heading but she is usually back within a few hours heading in the opposite direction. Frayja barks her head off, so much so that the young girl tries to distract her horses and cover their vision of this small beast of a dog.

Henry named this horse today, meet Starlight!

This is Mr. Greedy (in case you were wondering).

Aren't the two babies adorable? Fray could almost fit in!

Just today, Frayja did not bark at the ponies but instead she look longingly at them as if to say, "Was I separated at birth?" She nuzzled them and them her. She was kissing them and licking. Every once in a while she would either get "spooked" or the horses would; which would result in either of them darting off in the opposite direction. The return to the fence was made almost as quickly as the darting off. Perhaps, just perhaps they are going to be friends!


  1. You guys did a LOT of work in the barn today! It looks great, Lynnie.

    Are these horses by any chance miniature horses? They look very similar to some in our area. Before you know it, Fray will have a whole field of "friends".

  2. Yep, Dianna our neighbor breeds miniatures. She did bark at these in the beginning but has more exposure and up close contact with the, but the full size horses that go up and down the street still seem to get her to going.

  3. The barn looks great. That was a LOT of work! The horses are beautiful.


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