Monday, January 17

*forks, knives and S.P.O.O.N.S

When I was a young girl growing up in south east Georgia our family often played the card game known as SPOONS.   I recall many fun nights around the dinner table with some of momma's serving spoons, a deck of cards and nothing else.  Nothing else was safe on the table or near the area surrounding the table.   This weekend while my sisters and momma were visiting I suggested we play SPOONS!   There were a few things that were a possibility while playing SPOONS at our house; someone may crawl across the table, spoons may get bent,  you might get bruised during the course of this card game and it was pretty much a guarantee that you would have a blast!

The boys were busy in the barn while us grown ups and Kierstyn settled in around the table for a great game of SPOONS.  While no one climbed across the table to get a spoon that flung from another players hand, spoons were tugged and pulled on until it ended up in one hand of one player.


  1. WELCOME home to your son!!! That is so great that you had your mom and sisters for a visit!! I tried to post a comment yesterday on your blog but it wouldnt let me??? At any rate, I wanted to say that I love your heart!! I love how you try to really love people. Your an inspiration.

  2. I LOVE spoons!!! I grew up playing that too, except our game was more wild I think. At least once during each game blood was drawn and people always went over the table. Always fun.


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