Friday, January 28

*a cloister of sorts

Of the six cats we have brought into our family, only three of them are with Henry and I here in Florida.  The other three are our outside cats and are still with Eric in North Carolina a smoother transition will be made with them at a later date. I am so glad that my dear husband recommended us bringing three now and three later.  The three that are with us here in Florida are our "mostly inside" cats. A couple of them do go in and out, but most prefer to be inside and thus far they  have not worn out their welcome to the indoors with any poor habits.

Living indoors they have to contend with the "beast", our precious docile tiny dane. They are nimble, quick and able to hold their own should she decide to test them in that. Each of them however have found some resting spots, an alcove or two for a peaceful retreat when needed.   I am sure many other hiding spots exist that I do not  know about.

Timon has found a favorite spot to lay during the daytime.  While we do not allow our cats to get on the counters, he obviously has to touch a counter to get on top of the cabinets in the kitchen.

Julie is basking in the sun on the window ledge in Henry's room.

The cats are not interested in the chicks at all.  Julie showed some interest.. but not fascinating enough for her!

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