Thursday, January 20

*The donkey sweats so the horse can be decorated with lace." -Hiatian Proverb

Every morning these demure guys, along with their brazen pony friends are all along the western  boundary of our property! The donkeys are so adorable and wanting of affection, the ponies on the other hand are simply greedy or should I say certain ones have regularly shown this behavior.

While the donkeys are a bit shy but seeking of some affection they are usually the first ones to start trotting over to the fence. Once the ponies take note and follow their lead, its all she wrote...

My niece, Kierstyn kept trying to feed the more timid ponies but there were several that just wouldn't allow it.



  1. You have captured some really wonderful donkey poses, Lynnie! I don't know which is my favorite...the one of the donkey braying or the one with one ear up and one ear down.

    Your niece looks as if she was having fun!


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