Friday, January 21

*out where the ocean meets the sky

Today Henry and I went to the beach. The weather was rather cold and breezy, but the Gulf Coast delivered beauty as it does again and again.  The Gulf is amazing with varying shades of crystal clear blue water.  I am always wowed by the beauty that greets me each time we head to Navarre Beach or Destin Beach. 

We paid $1 to walk on the pier which was quite windy to say the least. There were several people there today fishing, but this past weekend we saw many on the pier fishing. Can't wait to take my nephews and Henry here in the summer for a day of fishing.

When we left Erilyn this morning I thought we were heading to a stylist who could cut and put some shape into Henry's mop hair, but he said he was not ready to get it cut yet.  So, we put that off until a later date.  He had his skate board in the car, so  he pulled it out while we were in the parking lot at the pier and worked on a few tricks. 


  1. Isn't God's Handiwork just breathtaking, my friend? Loved watching Henry working on a few tricks. I'm just glad you are his mother because my heart would be up in my throat all of the time he was doing the tricks...;)

  2. Beautiful pictures of the gulf and fun pics of Henry!! Gavin will be impressed!


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