Thursday, January 27

*on the move

While my mother was here a few weeks ago I shared with her how, when we first look at this property there was a single wide mobile home (right where her RV camper is now parked) on the property.  In fact, the offer was that the mobile home came with the property FREE (is anything free).  But by the time we put in an offer, they had sold the mobile home.  Eric had spoke very freely and very early on  when we first looked at the property on how we should call my mother up and tell her to pack her stuff and move.  The fact that having had another dwelling on our property with its' own septic tank, its own water and electric was another plus.   I of course, shared these things with my mother when she was here.  Many things in her life have started falling in places that has given her total peace and freedom to buy a RV Trailer and park it on our property.  She will be able to travel back and forth as she pleases and bring her cat with her, which will be better for both of them.  Eventually my mother will likely sell her property in Georgia and  have a new double wide mobile home sitting in the spot where her RV currently sits.  She is thinking that the RV will then be parked at one of my two sisters properties for the very same reason it sits here.

My mother was talking to a friend yesterday while I was sitting next to her and I heard her say, "Yes, it is my tiny slice of  Heaven."  She loves the property, having grown up on a large farm it just feels like home to her. I am super blessed to have a husband who first made the comment on having my mother come to live here.  I am super blessed to have a God who loves both me and her to have opened up my eyes to some behaviors towards my mother just a few short weeks ago.


  1. What a blessing! I would love to have my Mom that close....maybe someday :)


  2. SO excited for all of you! And, yes, Lynnie, you are super blessed to have a husband who would have made that offer initially! Life on Erilyn Farms is going to so rewarding.

  3. Gail it is a blessing! My other sisters have had her close by for years, not it is my turn. I am thankful that it is in my 40's that I get to spend this time with her.

    Dianna, I hope it will be very rewarding! I can only imagine the things that the Lord will have us do, host, etc on this special place!

  4. Oh Lynnie, super blessed indeed! You can clearly see God's hand in that arrangement, and that it all worked out of your precious husband's desires makes it all the more "heavenly". Isn't it amazing what God will reveal when he opens our eyes and we begin to "see"!!!


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