Tuesday, October 12

*2010 12-N-12 August-September Beauties!

So somehow I am finding myself posting both August and September's finished quilting projects for the 2010 12-N-12 Quilt Challenge.  The tail end of our summer turned into a tail spin!  I am sure you all can relate.

On to the "Beauties!"

Nicole has been B.U.S.Y in more ways than just sewing!  Her dear husband recently deployed (AGAIN) and she is once more holding down the fort.  Take a look at the sewing projects she has recently completed.

Nicole finished this for a dear friend. I LOVE the WORDS!!

This is a handbag that Nicole made for a fund raiser for SCTNow.org   The bag brought in $200 for Stop Child Trafficking, awesome job Nicole!

Cheryl's husband is also deployed and while her sweet husband is away she has been carefully piecing a quilt for her number one soldier! Her husbands favorite holiday is July 4th so she will suprise him with this beautiful quilt when he comes home at his half way mark on this deployment.

Don't you love how Cheryl used fabrics from the front and pieced the back.   A two sided quilt! Mike is going to love it. 

Franziska has completed a couple of table runners and she is sooo close to having an lovely quilt completed as well, I am sure we will see it here next month.  Last month, while visiting Franziska, she had her Fall decor out and I was able to get up close and personal with the second table runner I ever made. In fact, it was very early in my quilting 'career'. It was not pretty. Um.. did I know how to bind.. I don't think so.  She loves it because I made it. It is proudly covering the hall table at their front door.
This fall table runner rest on the sofa table in Franziska's living room.

So, a matching table runner for the kitchen island only seemed right.. so a matching one was made. LOVELY.  Just in time for fall!

I have been busy quilting as well as helping with all the house projects.  Most of my projects you have already see here.  Check them out.

Franziska and I had a blast sewing table runners together on my last visit at her house!  In a combined effort we made the three fall runners in this post.  This one is on our front hall table in our humble abode! I LOVE IT. 

We have two more post left in the Challenge!  Get busy ladies!  Oh.. on another note.. please keep Jenny (one of our quilters in this challenge) in your prayers. She and her husband has two little ones and they are expecting their third blessing but as of my last understanding she was/is on bed rest.

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  1. I just love those fall table runners! I've been wanting to make one for a while now but just haven't found the time yet.



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