Friday, October 8

*five toes? no, five fingers.

Several years ago a dear friend of mine and I, were sitting at B&N enjoying a cup of coffee while catching up with each others lives.  As we sat and talked I noticed an interestingly, strange pair of ... shoes on this one young man at a table where a small group gathered.  I was enthralled with them. I wanted to know what they were? Where they came from?  How I could get a pair!  I like different. I have even been called weird, strange, out of the ordinary, over the top - different.  I suppose I am a bit of all of those things.. but on this particular day I was not brave enough to ask the young man where he acquired such a pair of footwear, so my brave friend did it for me!

The turquoise ones are a pair of the ladies Vibram Five Fingers Classic.  My hubby is sporting a pair of his Vibram KSO Trek, they are made of kangaroo leather but he has found them to be very breathable during the summer months.  Now these do look a little like gorilla feet! But they are so awesomely comfortable to wear.
Vibram. Five Fingers, to be specific, since Vibram designs and produces many different shoes of various styles.   I told Jocelyn the evening we left B&N, that I would be getting me a pair of those shoes! I purchased my first pair about two  or three years ago. I wore them almost universally until I wore a hole in one of the toes.  My dear husband, son and others jeered at me.  My husband most especially.  Funny thing is, this past year several other styles came out that I purchased to wear during my walking/running.  My hubby decided that he liked the way the Five Fingers Trek's looked and ordered a pair to try after having heard how much I love them. Then, he ordered another pair, stating his feet has never felt so good. He has a history of feet issues, really what Army man doesn't?   I have had the Classics, Sprint, Bikila and now my most recent pair are Trek Sports.  I LOVE THEM.   I have a hard time choosing any other shoe from my closet outside of a pair of Five Fingers.  They simply do not look good with a dress or skirt for Sunday morning or when your meeting a friend for tea at the local tea house. I almost have to force myself to pick up a different shoe outside my Five Fingers.

These are a pair of the black Trek Sport Vibram Five Fingers.
The Bikila were designed for running and they do a good job for what they were designed for, however within the last month or so the Trek Sport's were released and these are (IMHO) far superior for running than the Bikila.  All three of us have a pair of the Trek Sport's and enjoy them on our daily exercise as well as in our daily wear around the house, on trips, to the grocery store, or just about anywhere.

Recently I was reading in a health magazine how shoes with support, like traditional walking/running shoes can be bad for your knees.  A study at Rush University Medical Center found that bare feet and shoes that mimic barefoot mechanics, like flat, flexible shoes (the Five Fingers fit the bill)  put less pressure on the knee than super supportive styles.  They say that also, that barely-there footwear, lessens impact as you walk, reduces joint loads as much as orthotics and knee braces do.  So.. if your suffering from some knee issues or if you are at risk.. go flat and flexible. 

We are a Five Finger Family.  


  1. I was thinking that if they had hair on them, they would look like hobbit feet! LOL My kids would all want a pair! :-)

    I've been very curious about these shoes. I've only seen a few people wearing them ~ guess they haven't caught on over here yet. You hinted a while back that you were going to post about these ~ I'm glad you did!! Going not to check out the links! Thanks!

  2. Julie, they are awesome. You don't see many people wearing them here in the states either. In fact, I have only seen three people, oops.. four actually since the first guy. Many, many people comment, never having seen such a 'thing'.


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