Tuesday, October 5

*wee felt folk, Little Wendie

Today while visiting with Wendie (my "adopted" Mother), I got to spend some time in her sewing room.  It was sweet to be able to sit in her sewing room amidst numerous piles of assorted fabrics of either partially started projects or completed quilt tops waiting to get to the shop for quilting.  Soon I will not be across town and I shall miss her more than I realize right now in this moment.  She has been very instrumental in my life as I have known it here in North Carolina.

Many years ago she and her dear husband came to the area via the military; their children grew up here and later started attending colleges nearby.  Wanting to be near their children during their college years, Wendie and her hubby never moved.   It was never their intention to stay, but sometimes things that are our plans are not in the plans - if that makes sense.  I, among many other ladies, have been benefactors of having had moved to the area and some where along the way become "adopted" daughters to Wendie.  

"Miss Felt Folk Quilting Wendie"

Several years ago I designed this felt lady to resemble as many as Wendie's features as I could capture in a wee felt folk creation!

She is dressed well (as Wendie always is), she is adorned with some accessories (as Wendie always is) and her beautiful gray hair is nicely pulled up in a clip (as Wendie's always is).  Wendie has a bit of "junk in her trunk", JUST KEEPING IT REAL, so this little wee felt folk is carrying some junk in her trunk too! Last, but not least, she has selected a number of fabulous bolts of fabric to add to her stash!

Interested in making some "wee felt folk of your own? Check out Salley Mavor's book, Wee Felt Folk.  In her book you will find step by step instructions and many great illustrations to guide you along the way.  You can be as simple or as elaborate as you so desire in your little people.  You can also view some of her creations, she is quite an artist and each piece is a masterpiece.    One other link, I just stumbled up on this myself... it is Salley's blog: Salley Mavor.  Enjoy!

I also know of a young lady who makes these precious keepsakes.  She puts a whole different level of skill and time into each piece that she creates than I have thus far.  Standing in the Sun has some lovely creations you will want to see if you like these little felt folks. She (Caroline) also sells her felt folk on etsy.. make sure to check that out from her blog.


  1. What a very sweet post reflecting upon your friendship with this special lady named Wendi. The little felt lady you designed with as many of Wendi's features as you could make. What a treasure that must be for Wendi.

  2. Having known Wendie, I'd say you captured her likeness very well indeed!! Too cute, Lynnie!

  3. adorable Lynnette!!

  4. LOL. Thanks ladies! These are fairly easy to make.. some attention to detail is required.. but if you have children.. check the book out and make some. A few years ago, our son, Henry actually made quite a few of them. They of course were all army men. I don't think he ever painted their faces, just made them, dressed them and played!


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