Sunday, October 31

*do you have some of the Scoda Family's money?

A very dear friend of mine whose character I am intimately aware of is, along with her husband waiting upon the Lord to fill the cup over.  You see, Trina and Jay are following hardfast to the direct leading of God in regards to an international adoption that will soon be finished (WOOT!).  As I stated a few days ago on a home school support group list that we are both a part of, the Scoda family has had a rocky road on this adoption.  Not so much so that any doors have closed, just some windows that have been half shut - you know jammed for the moment and later opened fully.  The road has been a bit muddy along the way but no road blocks.  In areas that they weren't sure if they were doing what God was calling them to do, they called out to Him and the road rose up to meet them.  So they keep pressing forward.  Their faith has been tested, tried and found true though they find themselves in another test.  They wait on God.  They trust Him to provide.  I am not giving God my help, cause He does not need it.  I am simply giving you the word of a family in need of their money that has been placed in some stewards hands for  a temporary time.  I like to look at it like this... sometimes our budget has more money than we need for that month and often I find that we have "someone elses money" that God has entrusted to us.   He trust us to hand it over for His good purposes. Do you have some of the Scoda Family's money?

I know many of you who Follow, Subscribe or read in Google Reader may not know Trina - or me personally as far as that goes, but I do know Trina personally and I tell you that you are investing in good soil. God knows better than I, let Him speak to your heart. Don't give out of emotion, but obedience.  You may send them a donation using Paypal if you would like. I will gladly give you their street addy if you would like their street address in order to send a check.  One other option.. you may give a tax deductible donation as well by visiting : HERE

You may follow or read their journey by reading their blog : Seemingly Reckless Faith  I actually find the title of her blog, that she named almost a year ago, fitting to their current situation.  They are set to travel in just a few weeks, are you a part of this story?

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