Monday, October 11

*our gentle giant

Frayja, our beautiful Great Dane, turned 7 months old just a few days ago. She has been a great source of joy to us (for the most part)!  When we first brought her home at 8 weeks old, she weighed 16lbs. She was chubby, clumsy and adorable to say the least.  She is no longer chubby but she is still a bit clumsy and certainly still adorable!  She was weighed a few weeks ago and she is approaching 100lbs.

Just a few days ago we were in the back yard playing one of her favorite things, fetch; on her return with the ball it appeared that she was going to trample me.  I thought surely she is going to swing to the side and pass me by. Nope.  She, running at full force up the hill, ran into my upper thigh.  My leg immediately had that "frogged" feeling.  I am sure to have a bruise there.

Some days I wonder why we acquired this beast of a canine in this juncture of our life, but then I look at the positive she has brought to our family and I am settled with our decision in that moment. She is a sweet dog and though she can be high energy it is not her modus operandius.  She has proven to be just what this breed has been dubbed as: gentle giant. 


  1. She is beautiful! I love the picture with her on the swing ~ too funny! You can tell that she's full of personality. My kids will enjoy seeing these.

  2. oh my Lynette! She has grown lots and lots! I still think she is beautiful!

  3. Thanks Julie & Trina! She really is full of personality. You should have seen her today when I was working on the quilt and I had the ironing board set up but lowered at a height to keep her away from the area I was working in.. since one of our cats (who owns me) was sitting near me and didn't want to be bother by her.. anyway.. Frayja came over and layed her head down on the ironing board.. TOO ADORABLE.

  4. Love the close-up of Frayja's face. Her blue eyes are mesmerizing!

  5. That 5th photo is just B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! I'm so glad you entered Miss Lovely Frayja into the Bliss pets contest!!!

    Love & Miss You Lots,

  6. Yeh, Sarah, that is one of my favorite all time pics of her. It is when she was only a few months old.

    Yeh, thanks for posting about that. I thought .. a great opportunity to show off my beautiful dane! I love and miss you too. Glad to see answered prayers of increased work hours for more money! WOOT


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