Monday, October 11

*may all of your ups and down be with a needle

My needle has been busy going up and down completing projects for a few weeks now.  I set in my "Double T" quilt last weekend and was able to get the quilting finished rather quickly as well.  I never liked this quilt because of the fabric choices I first chose for this quilt.  Once I finished stippling it, got it washed/dried, I fell in love with it!  I now love the cheery colors. I love the puckers of the quilting.  I started this quilt earlier this year and I am happy to have it set in, quilted and finished.  For now, since I am not sure what to do with it, it is on the guest bed.

Just today I decided to go ahead and  put this quilt under the needle and get it finished before packing time approaches.  I have had this particular quilt set in for at least a year. I simply could not make a decision as to whether I wanted to hand quilt it or machine quilt.  With suggestions of my darling husband I decided to go ahead quilt in the ditch.  This quilt has such a fall feeling, I had to get it done for those upcoming cool nights.  This is one of the "Midnight Madness" quilts.  Easy and fun!

I have also gotten off to a good start with Josiah's quilt and will be completing the top this week hopefully! 


  1. You are amazing with a needle! I love the "fall" one ~ great to snuggle under during these cool autumn evenings. :-)

  2. Lynette, I love the one that you didnt like the fabric at first! I too agree that after quilting it has become more adorable than imagined! Well done once again....then again I dont think you ever do anything that isnt well done.


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