Friday, October 29

*a mothers heart

Family.  They are forever, for better or for worse.  I am so grateful for my family.  Years ago when Eric and I first married and moved away coming "home" on holidays was always nightmareish.  That is for Eric and I; perhaps for no one else but it was for us. I know we are not the first couple to deal with this. You know, you have been not been "home" for months after moving away and every one is excited about seeing you.

 So I am 40 something, been married for almost a quarter of a century and on this last trip to Georgia, I GOT IT.  UGH. Really? Can I be that slow? Our mothers are always anxious for our visits, to a degree of being a bit over bearing and controlling.  Both Eric's mother and my mother have been guilty of this to one degree or another.  And I finally get it!  They are just so excited about having you home, they desire to do special things for you, to make  your favorite meals, and be a part of the family traditions.   

We recently took a trip to Florida to deal with some housing issues for our upcoming move and on our long drive down we stayed over night at my mothers which is a halfway point.  She had expected us to arrive several hour before our actual arrive time, but due to some unexpected delays things changed.  She had purchased enough fresh seafood to feed the whole family (my sisters and their families too).  Since we got there after the dinner hour on our drive down, we cooked the seafood feast for lunch the next day, before we got back on the open road for the last leg of our trip! The time spent with my mom, watching her cook for us and helping along side of her was precious.  The meal was delicious!  In fact, it was the best part of that whole trip!


  1. Love how you see things!

  2. Precious! I love to see your mother smiling and she really does when she is doing her love language for others!

  3. Thanks Trina!

    Yes, she is certainly in her element when she is cooking, cleaning, serving those around her. She is a jewel.


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