Friday, October 15

*no theorems or proofs today!

Hopefully, Henry is enjoying the benefits and perks of homeschooling again after having been at a private school for the last three years.  For now, gone are the days of:  waking up at 6:00 AM to get ready for the bumper-to-bumper drive to school, packing a lunch, studying for endless tests, and ....oh, yes, paying that monthly tuition!

Henry has been having some frustrations with postulates, theorems and proofs, so today Henry and I broke away from the norm and had some fun outside our home.  We went to Aberdeen, Pinehurst and Carthage to do some picking and have lunch.  We all enjoy watching Mike and Frank, American Pickers and I think Henry secretly wishes he could be a picker too.  We started off with a few stops at some antique/junk shops in Aberdeen.  He tickles me when we are in antique shops.  He is certainly his mothers' child!  Today he found a red vintage metal free standing kitchen cabinet that he loved.

After we spent some time looking through the shops we headed off to have some lunch.  I wanted to take him to Pinehurst to have lunch at a deli there in the Village. Henry loves to eat at diners, small town restaurants with character and personality.   The Villager Deli  had just what we were looking for.  As we sat and ate our delicious (fattening) lunch we could hear the conversations of those around us.  The seating area inside The Villager is ample, not to small but enough.  Upon walking in the door, a gentleman behind the counter said, "He is taller than you now!"  Henry looks at me quizzically and ask me if I know him. I did not know him, but this in itself is what Henry finds charming about places like The Villager. Most of the people eating on this day were likely regulars and very familiar with the way this deli operates.  They were cozy, comfortable and at home.  You could easily hear laughter and each other enjoying their time out.  Henry says, "This is the kind of place I love to eat at. Just listen, you hear the conversations. It is small and cozy."


  1. You convey exactly what I'm looking forward to in coming "home". The way Southerners never know a stranger, the quaintness of life in a small town, and for me, understanding the conversations around me. LOL

    I didn't realize you had Henry home again! How nice to get away for a day like that! He and Jonathan sooooo speak the same language! He loves antiques as well. Loves going to Flea Markets with me (on the rare occasion I get to do that!!!). Would LOVE to get those two together!

  2. So grateful that you took this time! Awesome!!

  3. I do not understand postulates, theorems and proofs. Can you take me to lunch?

    So glad you guys got away. I love Henry's spirit and love of people!


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