Wednesday, February 3

*2010 12-N-12 January beauties

January 2010 12-N-12 Quilt Challenge update!
I did offer a challenge in early January regarding quilting projects, new or unfinished.  As a quilter, you sometimes get yourself in the middle of several projects at once or realize that you didn't completely finish that one stuffed in the corner. Or perhaps you take a class and your teacher offers three different techniques to learn during that class semester, unwisely you take all three projects on and later you have three sorta finished tops.  So the challenge was born.

In the next 12 months you will see creations from
Jenny, Robyn, Sharon, Franziska, Cheryl, Nicole and myself.  Enjoy!

This month Jenny in Pennsylvania, completed the quilt she has been working on for her son for some months now. She used the snails trail or monkey wrench pattern to create swirling waters.  The beautiful blues and white make a lovely Swirling Waters quilt to top her son, Todd's bed.
Can't you just see the love in his eyes! 
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For January, Franziska in North Carolina, has just finished up two Valentine inspired pieces!  The runner will rest nicely on the table near her front door while the other one will be the center of attention at her nice round dining room table.  Franziska simply selected 6 fat quarters, cut them into what looks like 5 inch squares and just played around until she came up with a master piece! 

Sharon, in Colorado has used her cold weather days to create a delightful reminder of days gone by!  Sharon used a kit that she purchased from The Whistle Stop in Selma, NC a few years ago.  The name of the  kit is Shoo Jane Shoo, based on the Dick and Jane books. 

If you read my blog, you have already seen my completed January project.  It is pasted all over my blog.  It is the quilt I am using as the fund raiser for my friend who is in the middle of the adoption journey. The quilt pieces were all cut out and given to me by my quilt teacher. None were put together, but if you ask me, the hard part of this one was done already.. the cutting!   I did have a  blast putting it together and even though I wanted to keep it, cause my sweet precious second momma, aka quilt teacher, had something to do with the quilting process on this one, I offered it up to be a blessing to the Scoda family's adoption fund!  This quilt was made by using Robbin's Nest Designs "Funkey Monkey" pattern.

I also have a Valentine table runner that I finished on Sunday!  The little inner heart blocks were also some finished work given to me by my quilt teacher months ago. (um... I guess I could be considered a teachers pet?)  I always liked the bright colors in them and finally decided what to do with them.  I used Amy Butler fabrics to build the blocks up a bit and made a whimsical table runner and promptly delivered it to Momma B (my quilt teacher) yesterday! She was delighted!  The blocks in this runner were made by following the Stargazey Quilts pattern designed by Jan Mullen. Stargazey Heartz - 1998

Robyn in Nebraska, Nicole in Tennessee and Cheryl in Colorado are all working their fingers to the bones to put the finishing touches on their first project. Perhaps we will see two from them in February's post, perhaps just one.. either way we look forward to seeing their beautiful creations!


  1. so, any way I ould get information on your heart runner... REALLY like the pattern!


  2. I love Sharons Dick and Jane quilt. That is the readers I have taught my children to read fluently with! All the projects showcased were beautiful!!! (I just happen to be a fan of Dick and Jane, and Sharon is pretty neat herself ;-)

  3. Great projects! Wish I had some of that creative energy!! Looking forward to seeing the others too!


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