Monday, February 15

*and the winner is....

The winner of the Quilting the Russian Road Quilt giveaway is (drum roll please).... Sue A.  Thanks to everyone who donated and entered a chance or two to win this beautiful (if I do say so myself) quilt. The donations totaled $330 which will be added to the Scoda's adoption funds.  Please mark your prayer journals with the Scoda Family's name and pray for their adoption journey!  Remember you can follow their journey by visiting their blog at :

To Sue A., Kathleen S., Janelle C., Jennifer N., Amelie S., Anne H., Wendie B., Joan T., Judy D., thanks to each of you for your donations!!!  Each person who donated was assigned a number, starting with 1 for each $10 that was donated a number was given to them in the order of their donation.  I had a total of 8 people, who based on their donations were assigned numbers from 1 to 33.  Below you will see a screen shot of the winner's number. Funny- Sue was the first to donate! Congrats again Sue!

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