Wednesday, February 24

*all but one

Tonight when Eric and I got back in from dinner the cats were ALL in the living room lounging. It was as if one of them sent out a notice of a mandatory meeting that was being held while we were out.   All but one was present and accounted for.  Precious (check), Timon (check), Zeke (check), Bently (check), Munchkin (check), Julia...... Julia.....?    Poor Julia either wasn't invited or she declined to show. It is more likely the latter.  We found her in her favorite spot, behind the towel in the bathroom!  She prefers to be just as she was found.... alone. 


  1. I thought you had five cats. Six? Six! Wow! That's a lot of cats!! It does look like they took over while you were out!

  2. we have SIX! I know it is unimaginable! Crazy we are! Crazy I tell ya!


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