Tuesday, February 16

*cinnamon girl finally!

It all started with Cinnamon Girl by Robyn Pandoloph, a 3 yard cut of fabric that was given to me on my birthday several years ago by my dear friend Nicole. Yes, Nicole, I am FINALLY using this beautiful fabric!  Though I have said I do not like floral prints.. look how beautiful this has finished up (well almost finished.. still have borders to add)

 Quilting class began in first of January!  One of the quilts our teacher presented to us to make is this one called Round the Twist in Broome, by Carol Lewis.  I think I may make another one.. it really was easy piecing, though I do not particularly like setting on point.

 Round the Twist in Broome

There is ALWAYS a cat in the mix, even when uninvited or shooed away.  You can see the right part has all been pieced together.. the lower strips were pieced and laid out to be added on.
  All together now.  I still have some work to do on this top. I will be adding some borders and I think I am going to construct the flying geese using Deb Tuckers special ruler, for the outer borders. This should create some interest.

This one is finally finished up with borders. I had the hardest time trying to find fabric to match that I thought was perfect.  When first learning to make this pattern in class last spring, I simply picked some fabric from my stash... not thinking on borders etc. I simply wanted to learn the technique. YIKES. I used all of the two fabrics I had making what you see here as the center part of the quilt.  Praise God! After visiting many quilt shops and literally searching tirelessly for months for  a matching fabric I found more of the orange at Mary Jo's in Gastonia, NC. You can imagine my excitement. I was able to add the large outer orange border once I found this fabric. To finish up this quilt I need to do a Celtic braid on the orange border. Not sure how long that will take.


  1. Love them..................they are awesome. I need to get my Thesaurus out so I can get some more adjectives for all your beautiful works.

    Yeah for Mary Jo's in Gastonia. I love that place.

  2. Thanks!

    Mary Jo's is calling me.. no, it is screaming my name! LOL. So is the little town of Bostic!

  3. Oh Lynette...I had no idea that you had finished my beautiful kaleidoscope quilt already! ;)

  4. Wow. You have been busy quilting lots.

  5. Lynette, these are just gorgeous!! Love that fabric. Really nice work!


  6. Thanks ladies! Uh, right Sarah-Belle! I have been busy in my spare time doing one of my favorite things.

  7. Lynnie, my Aunt and I went to Mary Jo's to buy fabric for her daughter's dress for her to be my flower girl. I love that place and have such a sweet memory of going there with her. Mary Jo was also my mother's name. :-)

    I am in awe every time I see your quilts ~ Wow!

  8. Thank you for the invitation, I would love to come! I can't wait to see some of your beautiful quilts in person.


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