Thursday, February 25

*come along, I'll show you..

 Yesterday I changed my sewing room around a bit. I really need to paint the room, the ceiling and get some flooring put in.. but instead I just changed it up a bit. Come along.. I will show you..

I bought this old sled a few years ago from someone who posted on craigslist here in the area. I think I paid under ten dollars for it.  It is unlikely that we will ever use it for the purpose in which it was intended for. It is a three tiered shelf in my sewing room, and it is happy there. 

 We have this great old solid oak entertainment center that we no longer needed in the living room. I once tried to give it away on a local home school list, but I had no takers.  Boy am I glad!  This has become the perfect organizational helper!  The rocker is also a craigslist find!  It is an antique goose neck rocker -- it is wrapped in a throw not because it is cold, but because the lovely felines we live with like to scratch it. ARGH!  One of these days it will have to go in for a make over, the chair that is.

Don't you just love those tables that you can easily find at Sams, the ones where the height adjust? They are great for a quilter, because you can adjust it in the highest setting which makes it a perfect cutting table.

 I love old. I just do. This old printer typeset tray makes me happy. 

On some days I can use all the comfort I can get...

The threads are all nested in an old (yep..I said it again) singer sewing machine drawer. I have purchased about 6 of them from different antique or junk stores over the years. I also have a couple of drawers from old tables or such that make great storage containers for my sewing notions.

Oh... Ah....
My baby sister gave this to me a few years ago.. it is sweet. 
 It could be hanging on various different things in my sewing room. When I see it I think of how sweet our relationship is, how blessed I am to have two sisters. Two of the most different sisters one could have, both with a heart of gold!

Living water.. who can live, I mean truly live without it? I have other favorites around and about too. 

simple beauty

These have been laid out for the next project - a spring runner for the front hall table!  I have several quilt tops calling for my attention, but I think I will get side tracked and start creating this sweet little spring beauty!  


  1. I am so ready to just come and sit in your sewing room with you...filling it with laughter and smiles abound! I see the vase you got for me hiding in there too! :)

  2. Yes Sarah.. I am counting the days myself! The vase is waiting for you to come and claim it! I love watching the video's that were last created in this room while you girls were all here! LOL. Maybe we have all matured a bit since then... NOT!

  3. I am so ready to fill that room with laughter too. I have my inhaler and Benedryl ready. I keep wanting to start a new top too. I doubt I will have a finished project for Feb due to the fact that I keep getting side tracked. Your post about your new and improved sewing area just makes me want to sidetrack more and organize! So much fabric and so little time.................

  4. Can I just say...I LOVED looking at your thread in that box! So lovely! Getting so close to finishing my Dad's quilt. I can hardly wait to call and tell you "It's done and in the mail"


  5. Thanks Robyn, I too am looking forward to that call! I know it will be a great victory when have put that last stitch in that precious quilt!

    I too, love the thread box.. like a jar full of jelly beans, or a colorful rainbow!


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