Thursday, February 18

*achy heart

It seems like December 25th was 365 days ago. It was not though, and you know that as well as I do.  Why can't my heart get it? It aches to see our oldest son. Now I know how my mom and dad felt when we moved away from Southeast Georgia twenty-three years ago. 

I long to see him. We all do. The fact that I carry around a hand written note in my purse that was written about me by him doesn't help my achy heart.  The "note" was really an English assignment years ago, but it always touched my heart and I have opened it and closed it so many times that pieces of the paper have worn away.

I am so grateful that God chose to give us two boys as part of our heritage.

My youngest who is sitting near me eating before we run out the door just says to me, "I can't wait until I move out." (Me in my best alarmed voice)- "WHY?"  (Henry)- "So your heart can ache to see me too!"  Needless to say, tears ran down my face. He was only kidding of course, but a momma can only take so much!

Enjoy your kids!


  1. sweet boys :)
    I used to long for the days my kids would grow up so I could have some time alone.
    HA! ha ha ha ha ha. How the Lord must have laughed. And how He has changed our hearts.
    We will likely be raising children for many many many years to come :) And I wouldn't have it any other way :)

  2. Yes, I have a feeling I now know why my MIL was not always so nice to me when Nathan married me. I dread mine leaving.

  3. You have awesome young men! I pray Robbie reads this and hits the road for a visit. I do understand that miles and money are making it harder than ever for people to get face time but isn't it great how God gave you that wonderful feeling everytime you read that letter! You must feel that you did a GREAT job.

  4. I don't think Robby reads my blog- which is fine. We are planning a trip to the panhandle the first week in April! Henry will be on spring break and Eric already has the leave approved!!!

    Thanks for your kind words (is this Anonymous you Franziska?)


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