Tuesday, March 9

*2010 12-N-12 February beauties

Wow, can you believe we are ending the first quarter of the year 2010?  I am so glad to have the focus and drive of a challenge to help me stay on course with my quilting projects this year!  This month I have finished submissions from Nicole, Sharon, and myself. Enjoy!

This beautiful baby quilt  was lovingly put together by Nicole  as well as the quilted diaper bag below. The diaper bag is piece work and then layered with lining fabric and quilted.  Some who have either received her bags as gifts  or purchased them from her etsy shop have commented on how durable they are. Check Nicole's etsy shop out by clicking HERE.

This month I realized I didn't have a "spring" runner to usher spring in.. so I picked up some fat quarters from Loving Stitches and went to work cutting, sewing, and creating this runner.  It is out and I think spring is finally on its way!

I also finished one of the kaleidoscope tops I started. I actually had more pieces cut out but grew weary of this pattern (made 3 now), so I decided to finish it up smaller than initially planned. If need be, it would make a great toddler or baby quilt, but I have chosen to use it as a topper for the island in our kitchen. It fits near perfect and I love it, hope you do too!

Sharon has a larger project in the works but this month she finished a sweet springy runner as well!  She picked up these Aunt Gracie fabric's from Mary Jo's in Gastonia some time ago and found a simple pattern, which made a darling table runner!

Cheryl is putting the binding on a baby quilt and spending precious time with her sweet husband who will be deploying soon for an extended period of time (we will see her project next month!).  Robyn is putting the last stitches in her labor of love,  we are likely to see it soon as well! 

Franziska has many irons in the fire - and surely we will see one of these next month all completed!

Jenny and family have relocated to NC and while moving has surely kept her busy she has had some time to user her beloved machine piecing this together. Each time I am able to peruse her blog I am a bit envious of her wonderful sewing skills!   Happy settling Jenny and family! Hope you love NC!

Well... until next time, keep those fingers busy and that pedal to going! 
May the Lord bless you in all your work, in all you set your hands to!


  1. These are all really wonderful. Such talented ladies. All this talk of Mary Jo's and Gastonia has me missing home. Nate and I would pass by Mary Jo's on our weekends home to his parents while we were in college together. I think I told you I shopped there with my Aunt for my flower girl's dress material. Sweet, long-ago memories!!

    Also, I can't click on Nicole's link. I want to check out those diaper bags!

  2. How cool is that.. you two were in college together! Yes, Julie you did tell me of the stop you and your aunt made there for the wedding. She is a sweet lady and I am forever grateful for her commitment long ago to keep the prices down and truly passing the savings along to the customer.

    I am sorry about the link (Nicole's store) I am actually still waiting for the stinker to get it to me! .. check back real soon!


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