Monday, March 22

*into the wild

Into the Wild. The adventurous wild is just beyond our house at the back of our property, but it looks like it could be in another part of the world. A wet, swampy part of the world. We have almost two acres of land of which most of it has been cleared and is manicured regularly during the hot summer months.  There is also a portion of our land that is swampy, that smells of earth.  It is an adventure land.  The wetlands holds many great memories for both of our boys.  I cannot tell you how many daring stories I have heard about the various quest that have transpired in the wetlands.

Boys hold such adventure in their very own minds, little do they need to play out a great exploit, but when they are given a wood to play in - watch out!   The boys both knew (know) they were able to play in the woods from late fall until the first of each spring due to the cotton mouth population.  Getting the "OK" to enter the woods has been one of the things that both boys looked forward to each year with coming of winter. The wood!

Today I had an adventure too, a exploit of my own with Henry and my "adopted" son, Summit!

About five years ago this back pack was full of 'rations' to help sustain two young men name Henry and Ryan while on their journey through the wood. It was very funny to come across this back pack all full of moss, earth and critters of the wet lands. We left it there.


Summit and Henry, upon my prompting went to axing down this seemingly dead tree.  The outer part of the tree could almost be pulled off by hand.  They axed it quickly until they got to the core. Then the work began.  Years ago Ryan and Henry used to  *gasp* walk across a large fallen tree that went from one side of the creek to the other.  They named this fallen tree "Big Bessie".  The water in the creek is about four to five feet deep in the middle.   Big Bessie has since been washed along the way  and now this tree will take its place.

Big Bessie II
The mind of a boy (young men).


  1. My boys would love to come and play there!

  2. OH and how Henry would love to have them as part of the explorers who have mapped the land back there!


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