Thursday, March 4

*birthday wishes going out to Lori, my eldest sister

Patricia Lori Ann - Royalty, favored one, gracious and merciful. 
Happy Birthday sister!  

Lori and I are only eighteen months a part, so I cannot make any comments about her I am right there with her! Lori and I really were best of buddies in our childhood years, we were chums, pals, each others side kicks.  But as time went on and we reached the teen years I found myself sort of out on my own.  You see my older sister was practically perfect in every way (seriously) and well... I was not. How is it that two girls coming from the same family, so close in age can be so very different?  We were night and day.  You notice her names mean royalty, favored one, gracious and merciful.... if I had know that when I was in my teens I would have likely ran around shouting, "Yep, I KNEW it!  Miss Royalty! Favored ONE!". Truth is, she probably deserved the praise she received.

 Perhaps our teen years weren't all bad. We look pretty chummy here don't we?

I am very happy to say that once we (I) matured a bit we resumed where we left off before those competitive teen years. Over the years God has shown me the best in her and she has been one of my best friends for a long time now.  After all, family to us was and is paramount. We were a dis-functional family but in the midst of that we were a close unit. I love my sister and am grateful for who she is today and I wish nothing but the very best for her on this day!


  1. if she is anything like you, than she must be all that you have said and so much more!!

  2. She really is so much more! I am truly blessed to have the two sisters that I have. (and thanks for your kind words towards me!)

  3. Sweet! Sisters are special! I too have a perfect older sister.


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