Saturday, March 20

*cake by a strange name

I found the recipe for this delicious cake in one of our Wednesday papers. Oddly enough, the cake is called "The Pig Picking Cake.  I think that is strange, and funny.  I just imagine that some talented cook was in her kitchen cooking up a storm for the upcoming pig-pickin. She was rushing around to make things on her list and realized she didn't have all the ingredients she needed for a cake she had set out to make. So.. she made the cake with a few of the missing ingredients and called it the Pig Picking Cake because it was after all, for the pig-pickin.   Now of course I made all of that up in my own head, I have no idea how it really came to get its name, but if it had been me naming it I would have called it Tropical Delight Cake. Whatever you call it, it really is tasty.

Pig Picking Cake
 1 box Duncan Hines yellow cake mix
1 can (11oz) mandarin oranges including juice
4 eggs
1/2 cup oil
Combine cake mix, oranges, eggs and oil in a bowl and mix well.  Pour into 3 (although I only did 2) 8 inch cake pans.  Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes or until done.  Cool and then frost with frosting below. Refrigerate. (upon making this the second time I only had a small can of oranges.. so I used some peaches to make up the difference - still yummy!)

Frosting Recipe
1 large box of instant vanilla pudding mix
1 large can of crushed pineapple drained
1 large container of cool whip
Combine pudding mix with cool whip and pineapple. Mix thoroughly and frost cake. 

Just below this cake recipe there was another cake recipe named "Earthquake Cake".  It makes you wonder.. how this cake came to get its name.


  1. I have this recipe and the one that passed it to me just called it Piggy Cake. I always assumed that was because it is so good that you simply make a piggy of yourself :) Either way, it is quite good!


  2. I like that Gail... Piggy Cake.. that is how I feel after I eat a piece cause I want MORE! My cousin said she had known this cake to be called a Pea Picking Cake as well. Seems it has many names!

  3. that cake looks awesome! i will have to try out that recipe. thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.

  4. It really is good. It is no too sweet and to me very light. My cousin has had this many times before and to her it is a Pea Picking Cake. Again, by whatever name.....

  5. Julie, in your southern roots.. have you heard of this cake before?

    Oink! Oink! is right..


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