Monday, March 29

*i have cooked, cleaned and spent time with my family...

..and quilted!

This week we had one of our "adopted" sons in the house!   Summit and his family moved from the area about six months or so ago. I was so glad to have Summit here visiting during his spring break, spending time with us and making memories with Henry as well as some of his other friends. 

So you can imagine that I DID cook meals each day, drive the boys places, spend sometime with the family, wash clothes, dishes and etc. BUT it was also a great time for me to get some quilting finished up without feeling guilty.

I did finish the quilt that I took home from my friends house all those years ago. I don't know why I procrastinated so long. I have started and finished quite a few quilts since offering to take hers home with us for me to complete.   The beautiful quilt, pieced by my sweet friend, Jennifer was 'quilted' by me. What an honor to be a part of a quilt that will be in her family for years. Thanks Jennifer!
This is the backing which is pieced. 
It is all ready to go in a box and make its way to Alabama!

Trellis Quilt - Robyn Pandolph Cinnamon Girl & batiks
I also completed the trellis quilt.  I had purchased the fabric to make a patchwork border, but I chose to be lazy and put a simple small border on, set it in, and then meandered it.  I did use my favorite decorative stitch on my lovely Janome 6600P, to put the finishing touches on the binding.  While I initially didn't think I liked this fabric, that my sweet friend Nicole sent me three or four years ago, I am in love with the fabric and how it worked out in this quilt.  It is boxed up getting ready to hit the USPS to take a trip to some ones front door. I hope the one receiving this quilt will feel an abundance of love that is all packed into each stitch!


  1. Your quilt is lovely!!! I hope everyone will click on the pics to get a larger view of that gorgeous fabric!

  2. GardenofDaisies, Thanks! This fabric is really pretty and I so enjoyed working with it! I almost want to clutch onto it, but at the same time I am filled with joy at giving it away!!

  3. Hooray to have quilts done and post them in the mail. Such a great feeling!

  4. Lynnette,
    I tried to reach you by house phone today, hope you get the message. We are just thrilled with the quilt. I had it in my hands for only seconds before Tori whisked it away and wrapped it around herself (I'll send you a picture through e-mail). How cool is that to know we made it together! Thank you SO much for finishing it. You did a great job; it's beautiful... just like you!


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