Monday, March 22

*quilts galore!

This past weekend I moved the kitchen island out of the kitchen so I could set in "A" quilt.  I did not move the island back right away and later decided since it was already moved and while the tile floor  was clean that I should set in a few more. So I did.

I started quilting this one.  While visiting one of my sweet friends several years ago, I offered to take this quilt home with me to finish for her. I have had it for, oh shoot, I lost count on how many years.  It has been longer than I would like to admit. I got a precious email from her daughter just the other day asking about this quilt.   It is the little push I needed. You know there is just something about quilting on someones pieced work.  I can hardly wait to get it finished and in the mail, it is coming along nicely and I am no longer scared to sew on it.  Jen took a few quilting classes and has made two quilts, one of which is in a hoop at home with her in Alabama. She decided she loves quilts, and although she likes quilting it is not a love for her. I know she will be delighted to get this back in her home so I am working towards this end!

What are you working on right now?


  1. BEATIFUL quilts! How handy that you can use your island like that :)

    Be sure to pop over and get entered in for my 100th post giveaway :)


  2. Seeing the picture of my quilt was a sweet surprise; you're making me cry ...for joy! Thank you so much, sweet friend! My "newly going off to college girl" will be so thrilled to be able to take it with her. The red stars will even match her new school colors!
    Love you!!!

  3. Jen. I am crying just thinking about your T going to college! I know she is a blessing to you and S. When I got the message from her I thought maybe she was thinking of having momma's quilt to take with her off to college! I love you too!


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