Sunday, March 14

*good friends are like stars...

Spring has brought to us a house full of giddy girls and I love being a part of that! Franziska and the girls have made a spring visit each year since they left the area. We always have a blast and we don't even have to try.  Laughing. Crying from laughing so hard. Eating. Shopping. Just being. Talking. Sewing.  Sipping tea.

I love to cook and delight in an opportunity to set a table for family and friends to share the bounty!  I have not made bread bowls in quite some time, but know that the girls love them.  So, I put my hands to work on Thursday morning readying the dinner table for that evening. We  had potatoe soup in home made wheat bread bowls along with a garden salad.   You can make bread bowls from your favorite bread recipe.  After the dough has risen, punch down, then simply take the dough and pinch off a hand full. You will want to take the dough and pinch the two sides and pull it under the bottom of the dough ball. Then you will pinch the other two sides and pull them down under the bottom of the dough ball as well, as if you were tucking it under so to speak.  This causes the dough to bake up and out  instead of just baking out.  Put on a baking sheet and let it rise again, then bake until golden brown.  Then cut your bowl to your liking and fill with warm soup or salad of your choice.

Mary and Henry seemed to have had a good time creating their cakes. Thankfully Henry took cake to one of his friends houses today (we were cake rich!).

The wait always seems so long in between visits and the time seems to go by so quickly once they have arrived... can we reverse that.. having the wait shortened and the trip lengthened!

Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them but you know they are ALWAYS there.


  1. Such gorgoeus cakes and talented decorators. Your bread bowls and wonderful and your meal looks like the perfect thing to share with friends :)


  2. Thanks Gail! It couldn't have been much better.. good food, great family and a top notch time!

  3. Are you sure she doesn't just love you for your bread bowls? they look awesome!!
    Just kidding! Good friends truly are a rare gem...especially in today's world where it is easier to be friends with someone electronically than in real life!

  4. I have had the honor of receiving one of those wonderful bread bowls and can tell you all how delish they are!! So happy that all you girls, plus Henry, had such a great time together. Wish I could have heard one of those "laugh till you cry" moments! Love that!


  5. How nice that you all do this every year. Those kinds of friendships are rare! I'm going to try the bread bowl. I've wanted to do that for a long time but didn't think I could get it shaped round. Thanks for explaining how! The cakes were beautiful!!


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