Saturday, March 20

*dookie babies and etc

Today while dusting I spent a few seconds longer at my dresser. You see, along with other oddities are these creations that both of our sons made with raw clay.  Strange thing is these creations were both formed and shaped by their hands when they were about ten or eleven years old.

Our oldest son made his "dookie babies" with Sarah years ago, I believe.  Many things were made at the kitchen table during those years, but these were special.  Special because our oldest made them. Special because it was one upon many times that we have gotten together with the Hawkins girls to do art or school projects. Special because, well because he was ten or eleven and silly- hence the name  he coined for them: Dookie Babies.  The Dookie Babies have taken a few hits over the years and have sort of lost their arms/paddles/wings. I should have finished them with a varnish or something to strengthen them, but never did.  I love that Robby made them with his ten year old hands and mind. Maybe one day his own children will use raw clay to mold and shape a Dookie Baby Baby?

About seven years later Henry had his hand at some raw clay as well.  We love working with the raw clay.  This is what Henry made with his unformed clay.  From the time he made this it has been part of our Spring decor.  It makes its way off of our dresser and into the front hall table for a time. Reminders are good. It is a visual of what Christ did for us. Such love, the depths which we will not understand until we see Him face to face.

One day I will pass these small pieces of our boys childhood onto their wives just like my dear mother-in-love has done for me over the years. 


  1. I remember Robby and I making our clay creations. I remember his 'dookie babies' fondly, although I cannot recall what I made that day so long ago. :)

  2. So, do tell.. did you help him with naming his creations?


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