Tuesday, March 16

*a reflection of me?

This past week my best friend opened my eyes to some truths about myself.  I trust what she says to me and about me.  My name is safe in her mouth.

I was commenting on how frustrating it was to see my youngest son jump from one thing to another and to do things so quickly.  She, being the wise friend she is, didn't say anything at the moment, but waited for the right opportunity.  Later she broke the truth to me.  She pointed out to me that I pop from one thing to another and that I do things quickly and sometimes not so well.  Our son is a reflection of me. 

I am so grateful for my dear friend and this insightful look at myself through her eyes. Do you have someone who you know that you can trust your name with?


  1. Nice to have such a wise friend. I suspected he was your mini-me.

  2. Yes Julie, he is. More so, than I had ever realized. Now, what to do with this new insight?!

  3. Just enjoy it! He was wonderfully made by God to be like you!


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